Vida Calma

Enjoy peace and space in southern Spain.

Do you like the Mediterranean atmosphere, the romance of an orchard, the peace and space of the mountains? Then our Vida Calma in Periana is the perfect place for you! A place where you can disconnect from the hectic pace of everyday life and where the time is yours.

Staying in Periana

Spend the night in one of our two apartments in Periana, take a dip in the pool, walk through the orchard or in the mountains, or spend a day in the city or at the sea. The choice is yours. We think that is the most important thing: that you can enjoy yourself in your own way and come to yourself.

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the apartments

Vida Calma has two attached apartments: Vida Calma Aceituna (olive) and Vida Calma Almendra (almond). Both suitable for up to four people. They are decorated in Mediterranean Spanish style and offer beautiful views.

About us

We are Martijn and Hilke and have two children together: Roos and Lex. After watching many TV programs about moving abroad, dreaming about a different life and especially the hectic life during the week, we took the step. It needed to change. Just under three years later in the summer of 2022 the time had come and we now live in beautiful Periana in Andalusia.

Our guests about us

Enjoy sustainably

Vida Calma is a place where you can do your own thing. Where you can enjoy. Without obligations Where anything goes. That is the holiday we dreamed of, which we have achieved. We want you to experience that too.


Personal contact

We like to keep it personal


Additional persons

No extra costs per person


Price and quality

Well equipped apartments


Beautiful environment

Photo worthy environment


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